Monday, 1 October 2012

"More Scenes From Planet Mungbean..."

Before I launch into my usual frenzy of slapping more scenes of mayhem, sex & violence on this Blog, I'll post up these tiny colour drawings recently produced from The Filthy Moods Clinic for Antisocial Cartoonists. 

What are they supposed to be you ask? In the more "abstract" parts of my frazzled imagination I can see little dramas unfolding on imaginary "dreamlike" planets or worlds. But, don't be fooled by any accidental "cuteness" or serenity... There's all kinds of carniverous deeds being plotted and enacted within these otherwise modest vignettes.

The one above is called "The Hungry One"

"Almost A Twin"

"Eye Bawler"


"The Unusual Disagreement"

"Aquatic Angel (Expired)"


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