Monday, 5 September 2011


I swiped this from Galloni (Who in turn swiped Tomi Ungerer's style)

I wanted to try something different. This is marker pens on cheap paper. Dunno? Any comments? What do you think, Hunt?

Okay, back to the brush & Bristol...

 This is a version in Brush & Ink. I wanted to try to keep to the "Galloni" style, which is kind of "flattened out" pen work with no variation of the line. I imagine that he drew this stuff with a rapidograph. Anyway, here we are!
More stuff from my last note/sketchbook, What else can I say? It's another Cautionary Tale: Don't drink and draw at the same time. For experts and pretentious cartoonist only.

 Panel from an unfinished comic strip (The Bone Idol), from a while back featuring my Manga spoof character, Sin-YU. Brush and ink with a bit of Letratone. Included here only because it was drawn on the now extinct Daler Truline illustration board. The best surface in the world. And they stopped making it. Bastards.