Friday, 29 April 2011

Crazy Beatniks - Sketchbook Page

I used to do finished Ink & Wash drawings in my sketchbooks. Must've been mad! I sketch mostly with markers these days. But that's just a time thing. I'll post up more of this stuff when I get used to working this blog!

Hollywood Poolshark Print

This is a reworking of an image that I did for HUMOURfest a few years ago. I wasn't too pleased with the original, so I drew this as a limited edition print. Pen, Ink & Watercolour.That one-eyed water snake looks a bit suspect, doesn't it..?

Last Tango In Eurodisney

This is a print of the 2nd Prize Winning Entry that I did for HUMOURfest '96, the international competition for political cartoonists..... The original hangs in the Town Hall in Foligno, Northern Italy along with a couple other cartoons of mine from previous years. Needless to say, the Mayor of Manchester has declined offers to exhibit similiar works... Brush, Ink and Watercolour on Watercolour Board for those who need to know this stuff...   

A Couple of Spoof Ads From 1980's Oink! Comic

Here's a House Ad & a fake advert from Oink! I've got tons of this stuff that I did between around 1985 - '88. Will post more up if you want to see it... Don't be shy - Just let me know!

Judge Pigg!

I think that this is the first job that I did for Oink! Comic. Must've been around 1985/86. Brush and Ink with letratone on Daler Illustration Board...

More Old OINK! Stuff...

Here's one of the interior pages that I did. I churned out loads of these... Pen & Ink with acetate overlays. This one's from 1987 (I think!)

OINK! Cover...

This is an old cover for IPC's old kids comic from the 1980's. It was drawn with brush & ink on illustration board with colour overlays added inhouse.