Friday, 28 September 2012

"Recession" T-Shirt Design..!!

Things must be getting worse, because even at The Filthy Moods Emporium for Spoiled Cartoonists we're "feeling the pinch"! I mean, have you seen the price of supermarket wine and prescription drugs lately? Not to mention art supplies! Bastards.

So, in the spirit of Politicians' "catch phrases" past and present, such as "No more U-turns", "I am not a crook", "Out of my way, you Pleb..." and "Honest, Hilary, she only put it in her mouth, is all", I present "FUCKING HELL!! ...Is This All There Is?!" With our old favourite, the "Mutant Anus-Chicken" standing on a heap of land-fill.

Does this capture these difficult times? You tell me.

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