Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Neil Gaiman & The Book of Judges: 19 (Knockabout Comics)

This is a link to The "Outsider" : Neil Gaiman and The Old Testament, an academic study by Cyril Camus. You can read it here

The "Outsider" features a good critique of Neil's contributions to Outrageous Tales from the Old Testament, (Knockabout Publications, 1987)

I illustrated the Journey to Bethlehem sequence, based on Judges: 19* This is the most reprinted/posted on the internet, comic strip of mine.

At the time of publication, some British politicians had a tough time getting their faces in the press, and were always on the lookout for a bandwagon or a scapegoat to give them publicity. Outrageous Tales became a scapegoat, and was reviled in the mainstream, tabloid press. You probably already know the story...

Meanwhile, years later, the book and its degenerate, blasphemous cartoons are now the subject of academic study and readers aren't too afraid that they have to cover the book's jacket in plain brown paper before sticking it on the shelf...

* See pages 87-88 of The "Outsider"...

(Note: The illustration, above was drawn today for this post - So you won't find it in the book!)

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