Sunday, 19 October 2014

Confused Ramblings With a Good Cartoon...

This is one of my personal favourite Sketchbook Drawings...

"When I Think..."

"When I think", huh? I still like this one. Not sure where it "came from" but sometimes I value simplicity of execution along with complexity of ideas as the definition of Great Cartooning. Don't worry, this ain't another lazy exercise in hubris - I'm a million miles away from being that good...

The point is that these days I am aware that my work lacks the depth & passion of the last couple of years when I finally surrendered to my id and became the Cartoonist that I always wanted to be.

It took years of struggle an' shit, but Fuck It - Here I am! Or there I was...

I was trying to explain this lack of, uh... passion the other day to a female friend who has conventional religious beliefs, and she found it difficult to understand that God exists in the World of my Cartoons but not in my life. It makes sense to me.

To be continued...

Saturday, 11 October 2014

"An Angel Passed By And Said He Loved Her..."

If you follow this stuff then you'll know that some of my "Gung Ho" attitude, or whatever the fuck I have, has been missing these past 6 months. Since my wife, Rachel was taken from me.

I have had a hole torn out of me and it is not easy to either describe or deal with, and I have trawled depths of depair, suicide, alcoholism and self indulgence, along paths I would rather not have crawled just yet over these past months.

In the meantime I try to draw "funny" pictures and live, and work, and do what needs to be done. (Someone said recently that my stuff was often "too intense") Maybe I should concentrate more on the "funny"?

But indulge me...

Anyway, out of all this Chaos I have drawn another "Angel". One of my favourites. Perhaps one day some of that "Gung Ho" fire and inspiration will return.

I fucking hope so.

"He Plays Her Like a Violin..."

"My work is my diary"... I write stuff down occasionally, but usually it's the stream of "subconscious" drawings seeping onto Sketchbook paper that documents the oblique mess, my "Stains of Time" that is my general movement between dream, reality and the Ether of the Drawing Zone. Heavy Shit, huh?

And despite the anatomical errors in this picture, I still like it for the concept and colour.

"He plays her like a violin"....

John Orlando!

John Orlando (Like you don't already fuckin' know!) is one of the most prolific & proactive Cartoonist/Artists working today in the UG Comix Genre...

Like most of us here, he has a checkered past in commercial "art" & mainstream comics/publishing.

He was lucky enough to study under Comics Supremo, Rick Buckler, so that, and being from somewhere in or around New York has prepared him for the sordid journey through the id, and the sheer fucking hard work of producing Great & Crazy Art...

John is also my Brother in Ink as well as my Peer. I salute him & one day we will "drink beer and draw crazy shit together..."

Stay Cool. 

Don't Blame The Devil!

One of my "Red Pen" Drawings... This one on faux parchment...

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Tits & Eyeballs... Plus Filthy Moods Update!

Here we are at Filthy Moods.

Not published here for nearly 6 months... Not since my wife, Rachel died suddenly on 24th April.

I haven't updated here lately. I've posted a few "Sketches" and some old stuff on my Facebook page and the various UG Comix groups in there.

I have a lot of stuff to say & post up here so bear with me.

Thank you!

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Notebook, April 2014 (Extracts...)

Here are a few pages from a tiny (A6) notebook done over a few days last week... I was planning on writing scripts in it & carrying it round with me, but as usual, it got filled with Cartoons...

Sunday, 30 March 2014

"The Nostalgia Years"...

If my id isn't running rampant drawing absurd vignettes in red ink (It's true! See previous post...) then my fragile ego is larking about in my Sketchbook doing this sort of thing.

What can I say?

The "Red Sketches"...

This bunch of little drawings, hastily drawn on scraps of paper early the other day, were done quickly and in the same sitting as I was waiting for the dentist to open.

While I don't usually use toothache, or any other ailment to justify posting hasty "doodles" on this reputable Blog, I think they may have some merit or interest for those curious souls among you who prefer the oblique in my work.

Technical Note: These sordid little vignettes are drawn in red marker pen only because it was at hand at the time. I may have to excuse quality for the sake of curiosity today...