Monday, 25 July 2011


S. Clay Wilson, the legendary ZAP cartoonist, creator of the Checkered Demon and notorious pioneer of Underground Comix is 70 today!

This drawing is brush/pen & ink on 2-ply Bristol Board and measures 30 x 21cm. If anyone wants to buy the original, I'll donate the fee to the SCW fund.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Original Sinners

This may look like a still from a Hen Party that just ended in a knife fight, but it's actually a photo from the July 2nd performance at Three Minute Theatre in Manchester's Affleck's Palace of my short comedy play, Original Sinners with Mabeth Davies as Lucifer.

Mabeth was also in my previous play, The Rembrandt and the Sausage and I'm writing a monologue: Holiday Snaps, for her...

Now, I'm not one to overly criticise, but I think that maybe Milton missed a trick or two with Paradise Lost, so I thought I'd helpfully fill in a couple of missing bits explaining that old rift between God and Lucifer and some of the complicated Creation stuff. And there's some gratuitous humour too.

But I really wanted a female Lucifer. I'll also post some pics of God and Adam soon, but you may want a drink first. You are duly warned.

Photos by Rachel Gibson