Tuesday, 5 June 2012


I think that linocuts became a popular art form around the beginning of the 20th century. The German Expressionist artists used it, mainly, because it was cheaper than making woodcuts.

Today it's still being used by emerging and established artists as a low-tech, low-cost way of making hand pulled prints.

A few years ago I took the plunge and made a few prints. Here's my first one (It's not as easy as it looks!) of a Voodoo Skull printed on some very nice Japanese paper.

While some people say that I should be kept away from sharp objects, such as cutting tools (And others say that I should be kept away from drawing materials altogether) I'm hoping to produce a few more prints, at least. Maybe for flyers for my theatre/comedy stuff..?

Hmm... There's an idea!

Another Sketchbook!!!

Yes, it's that time again. Can you believe that I've found another sketchbook? This one from 2003

Here and below are are few pages. some were drawn in coloured pencil and some were inked. Here are some of the inked ones...

"Modern World!"

Why I decided to draw in Brush & Ink in a sketchbook is anybody's guess. The paper is pretty crappy (It bleeds if you use a dip pen) I had a sort of theory that if I "practised"on cheap paper then when I came to draw on Bristol Board then my hand would be "liberated".

Does that even make sense?

"Art is a Revolt..."

What came first, the Malraux quote or the drawing? And what does it all mean? Why has that guy in the background got his head on upside down? How can a guy levitate, especially with a dagger through his head?

If you do know the answers, keep 'em to yourself. We're trying to maintain an air of mystery and sophistication here, y'know!

"Just Sign Here..."

Not sure why I did this one. Found it in a different sketchbook while looking through the other sketches for this post.

Brush & Ink. May have been a bookplate for someone.

Last Judgement - Sketch

A pencil & partially inked sketch for a Last Judgement type of picture.

Any Excuse...

This is just a quick Brush & Ink drawing that I did in a small (A5) Sketchbook today while waiting for another picture to dry.