Tuesday, 28 May 2013

"Portraits of the 'Artist' "...

For the Curious only: I've never kept photos of myself over the the years. I just didn't and there's no other reason. Anyway, this is me at age 30. Dunno why it was taken? I found it recently in an old tobacco tin with some pencil stubs, a putty rubber and a small plastic alien lobster...

...And this role model of sobriety and self denial is the 'Artist" as he is today. More or less...

Monday, 27 May 2013

"Frankenplug - Unhinged"!

Here's a new Frankenplug strip - Brush & Acrylic ink on 2-Ply Bristol Board (For those who need to know these things, & who doesn't?)

Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Origins of A Civilised Society

The (disappeared) caption at the top of this subtle metaphor-laden cartoon reads "The Origins of a Civilised Society", but it looks like some late night scanning has carelessly removed it.

I can only apologise for the inconvenience (Or I could scan it again when I get time), and hope that it doesn't ruin the momentary distraction of yet another, thinly disguised drawing of a naked lady, masquerading as a tableaux intended to signify the imbalances of power and authority.

And, let's face it, if I didn't draw naked ladies, you probably wouldn't be looking at this Blog, would you?

Be honest now...


Yes, it's the "easy to draw" mushrooms and bird joke. I'm certain that I've done this before, and no doubt will do it again.

How Relationships Are Formed...

Most people would spend a whole "Graphic Novel" describing the intricate nature of such a complex subject (Probably with some boring autobiographical "anecdotes" thrown in)

But at Filthy Moods, despite our proclivity for the romantic and our open love of human foibles, we are also victims of these austere times,
and helpfully present this modest narrative dedicated to human folly in a single panel.

Sketchbook Excerpts, 18 - 19th May 2013

Here, above and below are a few of my recent sketchbook drawings...

White wolves. Several drawings of "wolf heads" loosely strung together with nonsensical dialogue and a deliberately shoddy background...

Sometimes the idea seems stronger than the drawing and I wonder whether I should wake up before I pick up the pen in the morning...

Vampire meets Werewolf. I'm sure that I could attempt to justify such silliness, but the excuse is thinner than the paper that this was drawn on.

"Tis as it was told..."

Thursday, 16 May 2013

"What's the Problem Officer?"

Another "before breakfast" sketch.

Executed with my usual disregard for logic or perspective. Which, of course, is not intended to ruin the whimsical sincerity of this quick drawing, featuring a charming fellow and his wonky box.

Questions, comments and writs to the same address as last time...

Monday, 6 May 2013

"Les Fleurs du Mal" (Sort of...)

I just drew this in my sketch book, and decided it needed some sort of caption or dialogue, so I put the Baudelaire extract in. The bored fish was an afterthought.

I think that I need to get more sleep...

Sunday, 5 May 2013

The Vampire and the Outspoken Lady...

Good afternoon. This week I've been busier than a Tory cabinet minister covering up a war crime.

But enough of politics. Off we go with this weekend's fever driven sketchbook. We've got dinosaurs, funny animals, serious animals, vampires and serious vampire dinosaurs... (Last one not true, but has given me an idea for a cartoon...)

Recession Mouse

Here we go with more old-fashioned funny animals... 


What's a "Tiger-Bear"? I don't know. But that's what my lovely, super-smart wife, Rachel, called this drawing when I drew it this morning.

Look! Sketches 4-5th May 2013!!

If you were of the more cynical frame of mind, then you may think that I was too lazy to think up a more interesting title for my sketchbook offerings this week. Shame on you all!

Huh? What are Voodoo Beans, and why am I drawing when I'm "slightly" drunk?

Dinosaur character designs for a comic strip.

And now he's got a spaceship! Yes, I know dinosaurs in jet planes was done better in the brilliant Calvin and Hobbes, but c'mon! I've had a tough week and just wanna play with my imaginary toys...

Warm up sketches...

...it took a while to warm up today...

Hey, Zombies need love too!

This is the preliminary sketch for a private commission. Finished piece will be in colour. Used with permission and an idea for that wedding gift for your friends. Don't blame me if they never speak to you again...

Okay, now I'm being serious. One of my next projects is a series of 6 prints based on Greek Myths and done in the Filthy Moods style that has people jamming the exits on a regular basis. I drew 3 last year (Atalanta in Calydon, Medusa, and Cyclops) but am re-drawing them so the style is more consistent.

Please watch for them. They will be fun. Meanwhile, a few roughs here. Note: The Aphrodite based on  a character by Georges Pichard, one of my all-time favourite artists!

Move along now, that's just silly. Yes, Jasper Bark, I'm talking to you..!

Thank you for dropping by... There is complimentary medication by the exit... Just next to the talking dinosaur.