Monday, 27 August 2012

The Inkaholic - A Self Portrait With Hyperbolic Comments...

Good afternoon.

Here, and below are some drawings & sketches done over the last few days.

There's a mix of "finished"stuff as well as the usual flashes of desperation drawn at fever pitch!

We've got unicorns, imaginary comic covers, funny animals and serious monsters! What more could you ask?

Entry free: Deposit your rational mind at the entrance and collect it, if and, when you leave. Remember, no pushing or shoving and try to keep the screams of disappointment to a minimum...

We can only promise that at the time of conception these little bastards looked amusing. If, in the light of day they've already lost some of their shiny charm, then we can only blame our muse.

Assuming that we can find out which disreputable bar she is frequenting at the moment. 


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