Friday, 3 August 2012

Bone Idols & Newborn Demons - Preview!

Well, it's Friday again, so let's get to work and see what's spilled out of the Filthy Moods studio for old enough-to-know-better cartoonists, and dribbled all over the floor today.

Inspired by Ikuo Oishi's 1933 animation, "Fox and Racoon" (See my Manga Bible post from ealier in the week on this Blog - Thanks again, Sean!) and being a long time admirer of Japanese netsuke, I decided this morning to draw some spontaneous cartoon vignettes, such as the one above.

There's a kind of demented visionary quality in "Fox and Racoon" (Like the best Betty Boop shorts) and a cartoon quality to some netsuke's.

Not being one to do things by halves, I drew 15 of these things this morning! All drawn straight with pen to paper. No pencil sketches or anything sensible first. 

I'll be making some prints of these, and cobbling some together into a portfolio.

They are all drawn on Heaton Cooper cream tinted nice quality cartridge paper. If you're ever visiting Grasmere in the Lake District pick some up. Or order some online.

Will post up all the other drawings later today. Best get back to writing my comic strips for Utopia Redux...

Stay tuned.


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