Monday, 27 August 2012

"Filthy Moods Dream/Cover"...

I used to dream about "imaginary" comics and books (Maybe I should get out more...) and often they would be covered in indecipherable type or lettering and I remember struggling to read them in my dreams, so that I could wake up and draw them.

Of course, that rarely happened, and upon waking these brilliant and vivid images and stories seemed like nonsense.

Here's a colour drawing, done with markers (No pencils) onto cartridge paper, just to try to recreate one of these "dreams" (But mostly to try out markers on this paper...)

This (among other characters) features Bingo, the escaped lab monkey from the cover of the original Filthy Moods comic in 1994. He's looking a bit worse for wear here as he wanders amidst the populace of some limbo or other with his and the other character's daydreams colliding with each other...

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