Monday, 20 August 2012

Concentration Is Essential...

Well, it's Monday, and while most people in the civilized world (Wherever that is) have rested or indulged their selves for the weekend, here at the Filthy Moods Workshop for Pretentious Cartoonists, there has been no such leniency.

Hell, no! Apart from some gratuitous drinking and uncharacteristic kindness to animals (Don't ask!) it's been sweat, blood and expensive marker pens all the way!

Yes! I have brooked no compromise in my search to uncover concealed truths, suppressed knowledge and the hidden secrets of the ID! I have traveled far into the depths of my tiny brain and paddled in the murky swamp of my childhood and sloshed about in the, er... er, the mixed metaphors of my adolescence. You won't believe what I found in there! 

Anyway, you're not interested in that stuff, are you? So instead I drew some "funny" pictures.


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