Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Dirty Bites Volume 2 !!

Dirty Bites is the demented but brilliant brain-child of British Cartoonist, Paul Steven Frosdick. (Check him out on Facebook if he's not banned again by the screamers & whingers) Paul's work is full of black humour, outrage and disgust. He infuses everything that he does with a gung-ho, punk spirit that fuels his work with manic energy.

I wrote the foreword and contributed a full-page Cartoon to Volume 1 earlier this year (Jeez! Was it that recent?) and last Saturday, Paul sent me a message asking me to draw one of the 3* "Variant" covers.

I had a lot to do, but, you kinda' get caught up in Paul's enthusiasm, so... by Sunday afternoon this was ready.

I wasn't sure if colour or tone was being used on the covers, so I made copies & this is the "toned" version.

Dirty Bites Volume 2 also features work by John Orlando, Banci Cartoonist & Rick Lamacher, among others, so check it out!

"Remember, it's dirty and it bites!"

*The other covers are by Paul S Frosdick and John Orlando

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