Sunday, 3 February 2013

Martian Love Machine II

Good evening, Howdy, and What the Fuck? Yes, we live in confusing times. Even language ain't what it used to mean...

Huh? You know... Like investigation means "We examined ourselves and we are innocent", sleaze means "We're corrupt, but sleaze sounds funnier", recession means "There's not enough money for us to steal at the moment", and Prime Minister means "Dishonest Cunt".

Of course, all of this obvious blather is attempting to add a bit of gravitas (means "More money for the original art") to this crude yet jolly cartoon where a world exists in which Love means "War" and vice versa, plus it thinly disguises another sloppy Wally Wood (means "Cartoon Genius") knock off.

Plus, more Sketchbook drawing if you scroll downwards! Thank you for dropping by...

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