Monday, 30 July 2012

The "Manga Bible"

Well, here we are again already. What do you mean, it's only Monday and you haven't even had breakfast yet? Ain't no time for that business!

Let's move along now, we got brains out there need scrambling...

Sean, of Paper Tiger Comix, posted a link for Ikuo Oishi's brilliant 1933 animation "The Fox & the Racoon". It's the only cartoon of his that I've seen, and thought in the muggy moments of the morning that I needed a "Manga Bible" to research his work. (Ok, stop groaning...) But a pun is almost as good as a joke when you're a desperate cartoonist.

I drew these three sketches. (About 20 minutes each) Dunno yet if they work. You tell me.

Although, I do concede that Lot looks less like a fallen holy man and has more of an (unintentional) resemblance to Captain Pissgums.


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