Sunday, 22 July 2012

It's Your Fault, Not Mine Dept...

Don't ask...

The verse reads:

And as the day draws to a close
And Chaos reigns throughout the land,
A humble pilgrim ventures forth
As the LORD snores, "Lamp" in hand.
The humble traveller begs to know
The reason why it is that HE
Supports the Meek and Merciful,
But will not ever set them free.

Okay, here's more of the sketches that I drew in a few minutes to exorcise some of my frustration during "coffee breaks" while skulking in a cramped, crappy office.

Usually, I just draw these if I'm sitting there with a pen in my hand without any prior thoughts. Just trying to keep in touch with that part of my mind. Like a prisoner scratching on a cell wall. Melodramatic, ain't I?

Often I tear them up and throw them away, unless there's an idea that I think can be developed into a finished piece.

But, after I posted a few "survivors" last week, you said you wanted to see more.

Like I say, it's your fault this time.



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