Monday, 7 October 2013

Chasm of Broken Idols... (Markers)

Here's another "experiment" with various Promarkers. The Grayscale Scan is below...

I seem to be getting more interested in H.P. Lovecraft these days. When I was younger and first "discovered" him, HPL seemed to be regarded outside of the hardcore horror/fantasy fans as a bad writer. Partly because of his "lowbrow" subject matter, and also because of what was seen as verbose language, with long overly descriptive sentences to make money from the "penny per word" page rate of the Pulp Magazines that employed him.

While that view may apply to some of his early "Lord Dunsany" influenced writings, HPL's later work. (The Picture in the House, The Music of Erich Zann, Dreams Inside the Witch House, and especially Pickman's Model) are visionary masterpieces. I think that it is this complex dream-world and some of the desperate characters he created and plunged into mounting hysteria, with that masterful atmosphere of dread and awe that appeals to me.

Anyway, I've dedicated this drawing to the late, great Tom Sutton, the prolific comic book artist, illustrator, pornographer, painter and acolyte of H.P. Lovecraft's magnificent visions...

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