Sunday, 29 September 2013

Demon & Vampire - A Cautionary Tale...

Every now and again I'll wake up in the morning and think I have a good idea for a drawing. C'mon, you guys know the feeling, huh? Of course you do.

So, let's get to that drawing board, and get some pens and brushes lined up... Okay. Now lets pick some nice paper to defile. Hey! Where's that pastel paper that I bought the other week? (Sound effect: Opens desk drawer...) Here it is!

Right, let's try inking with the dip-pen... Aaargh! Shit! It's tearing up the paper's surface!! Quick... Switch to brush. That's better... Uhhh... Hang on..! This is like drawing on blotting paper* ... Whatta friggin' mess!

Right. We gotta' salvage this shit somehow... I know! Let's put some paint and ink wash for the background. That'll distract 'em!

*Not kidding! I used nearly half a bottle of ink on this little picture...   

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