Sunday, 30 December 2012

Unlikely Twinge of Optimism or Grumpy Manifesto?

Here I am, settling down to embark on another year of drawing & writing with my usual monk-like discipline and air of serious sobriety...

The "Better Nation" quote is taken from the great novelist, writer and artist/designer, Alasdair Gray, (I think that he may have borrowed it from a poet - Will check!) Anyway, it sums up my philosophy of "just because we live in countries dragged into shit and mediocrity by greedy dishonest politicians and tunnel-visioned media whores, that we shouldn't apply humour, imagination and craftsmanship to our own work".

Gray wrote, Lanark, Poor Things, and 1982:Janine, among many others. If you haven't read him, check him out.

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