Saturday, 5 May 2012

HUMOURfest "New Needles"

I did this painting in 1992 for the (then) annual HUMOURfest exhibition/competition held in Foligno (Northern Italy) and taken around Europe. Back then you could draw or paint any size and send in about 4 or five entries. There was a different theme every year. The competition was open to cartoonists worldwide and they attracted a lot of entries.

The theme for this was Arms and Disarmament. One of the other pictures (Playpen of the Gobs) was put on permanent display at the Town Hall in Foligno and they made a beautiful black and white print of it. (It's on the Blog somewhere!)

I did around 20 or so pictures in the 1990's for HUMOURfest. They later switched the competition to bi-annual and ruled that all entries had to be a uniform A4 size.

But, I did get 2nd prize for 1995 cinema themed competition, which co-incidentally also featured Mickey Mouse. This time not as the embodiment of capitalism corrupting his neighbours, but being fingered by a buttery Marlon Brando in Last Tango in Disneyland.

Sweet dreams everyone.

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