Saturday, 5 May 2012

Emile Kodva IV - Thingy Hunter!

This is from the same "series" as the Frankenplug strips that I sometimes post up on this Blog.

A few years ago I wrote about 50 1-page strips,all unplanned and spontaneous, into a moleskine sketchbook. I did about one a night for fifty nights. After the first few the characters started to interlink and the "stream of conscious" way of writing was kind of interesting. To me, anyway.

I later drew a few of them in ink, but for some reason I drew them out of order. So, this is the fourth of the Emile Kodva - Thingy Hunter segment.

Emile isn't in this section, but, The Thingies, a family of monsters, ruled over by a demonic tree, have hired Bigfart (The guy in the green coat) to kill him. Being stupid (And a part time cannibal) he kills practically everyone but Emile.

I know, I know... I'm fifty years old and I can't believe I'm doing this either...

The Black & White version is on my UK Underground Comix Blog for those of you who don't like staring at too much blotchy green. Enjoy.

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