Saturday, 11 October 2014

"An Angel Passed By And Said He Loved Her..."

If you follow this stuff then you'll know that some of my "Gung Ho" attitude, or whatever the fuck I have, has been missing these past 6 months. Since my wife, Rachel was taken from me.

I have had a hole torn out of me and it is not easy to either describe or deal with, and I have trawled depths of depair, suicide, alcoholism and self indulgence, along paths I would rather not have crawled just yet over these past months.

In the meantime I try to draw "funny" pictures and live, and work, and do what needs to be done. (Someone said recently that my stuff was often "too intense") Maybe I should concentrate more on the "funny"?

But indulge me...

Anyway, out of all this Chaos I have drawn another "Angel". One of my favourites. Perhaps one day some of that "Gung Ho" fire and inspiration will return.

I fucking hope so.

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