Sunday, 8 December 2013

"Flash in the Pan"

A couple of years ago I roughed out the blue pencil rough, as posted below, on "Blue line A4 Manga paper".

I wasn't pleased with the lettering, so I "shelved" it & found it the other day when looking for something to ink. I laid a sheet of tracing paper over the rough & re-lettered with Uni-Pin fine line markers & inked over the blue pencil lines with a Dalon brush & black W&N ink. I used grey Letraset Pro-Markers on the back like an old animation cell for the tones.

And, I always liked Flash Gordon. The Buster Crabbe serials were shown at a local cinema when I was a kid. But it's the Kurtzman/Wood MAD parody that infuses the approach to this comic page...     

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