Monday, 2 January 2012

"The Curse of The Bone Idol" !!!

Fragment from The Curse of the Bone Idol, by H. Remington Stoutfellow (c. 1842)

"...The guides had all either deserted, died of overwork or been eaten by lions. I was reduced to carrying my own luggage through this blasted jungle. To appease my frustration I was aiming my blunderbuss at a particularly vicious looking porcupine. When a glint of moonlight caught the barrel.

"It was then that I noticed the clearing. 

"I felt the sweat break 'pon my noble brow as I approached the little glade. Here the moonlight was stronger. Unbroken by the trees, it shone like a spotlight  on the ghastly stone figure in the centre of this unholy scab of land. The legends told of a thousand fortunes hidden in its carven belly.

"As I bravely approached the idol, it began to groan and creak like some hellish dining table. And then... then it began to move towards me... " 'Arrgh! It's 'im!' " I cried..."

Okay, that's enough of that...   

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