Saturday, 7 May 2011

"Wanna Samwidge!"

Rough sketch with markers for the cover of an online journal called "Utopia Redux". I'll probably post the stuff on this Blog instead. No idea what the picture is about. Any suggestions? My wife really likes the "samwidge" demanding fish-thing though!

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  1. Hi, Steve.

    I'm sorry to leave this here, though I can't seem to find an e-mail address for you . . .

    I'm a longtime collector of British underground comix and have been, for some time now, working on a reference guide to them. I'm trying to track down one of the artists involved in an issue of Napalm Kiss (#2, if memory serves), Tom Sheridan. He published his own comic, Spaced, which, despite my best efforts, I cannot find. Do you happen to know what became of him?

    Best wishes,